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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


"For who has despised the day of small beginnings?" Zechariah 4:10

Sometimes I feel like everything is a small thing... with no grand finale waiting. But these baby steps, these small beginnings, add up to a life.

Job 8:7 says "Then, even if your beginnings were modest, your final days will be full of prosperity.", and I've been building on these words. Because sometimes in doing this job, I get tired. I can't always do the math, and it doesn't add up. But today I'm counting it as joy... thankfulness overflows and the numbers roll in as offering.
~bunches of sweet snuggles before breakfast
~4 dishes in the sink... a family fed
~24 crayons left on the table, pictures drawn as gifts
~3 loads of laundry I'll do today... a family clothed (mismatched, perhaps, but covered!)
~countless number of books read and silly songs sung
~1 hour spent waiting while tiny dancer taps

I began Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare, numbering gifts, in January, and today I journaled number 920... amazing what He brings to mind as I'm conscious of His blessings. It's all a gift, a marvelous collection of a life to be offered back as praise. These small beginnings... reap dividends.

What are you counting?

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