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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tradition (or lack thereof...)- Third Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday, sweet ones! We are one week out from Thanksgiving, and I have a lot less done in preparation that I would like... I desperately need to make a list! Last weekend I was blessed to be in Rochester, MN with the Hearts at Home team and several thousand momma friends, and it was amazing! I am so thankful every day that I have the opportunity to work with and serve some of the most amazing women! And today is no different~ It's the Third Thursday, and so we're blogging together.

Today's topic is (surprise, surprise) Thanksgiving. What makes Thanksgiving special to our family? Do we have certain traditions that we try to keep going? Recipes that are a must-have every year?

Truthfully, this question makes me kind of sad because neither Trace or I are very 'traditional' people. You might laugh if you are reading this and know us... traditional is not a word that has probably ever been spoken about these two hippies! But as my wee ones get a bit older, I find myself really craving some special things that might be repeated year after year... I just don't know what they should be!

This year we are staying home. And I am so thankful! Last year the holidays were a whirlwind of wonderful visits to Indiana and Florida, so this year we are keeping our little family firmly planted in Illinois. With this plan in place, I am trying to wrap my brain about what traditions we want to establish. Remy and Halle are at such fun ages, 6 and 4, that I love seeing things through their eyes and love that they are old enough to participate in and remember things.

All this being said, I'm just not sure... I find myself thinking about the menu and what to include. I'm certain that turkey and pecan pie will be on the list. (So original, aren't I?) But beyond that I draw a blank... And we are going to be doing a thankfulness tree (much like Ann's here... scouring the yard for acceptable sticks is on tomorrow's list for me and my curly girly). I struggle with it all being too much, when I really just want to help my family bring their eyes to point to Him. To being thankful for our Savior and for our abundance.

So what are your traditions? I'd love for you to click over to Jill's blog to see what she has in mind, and to see the thoughts of the other amazing mommas that are hopping along!