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Friday, May 18, 2012


Hey, y'all!! We made it to the weekend... this week has been a crazy one in our house! I'm jumping in with the Gypsy Mama again this week for 5 Minute Friday. By now, you probably know the rules: Write for 5 minutes on the topic, no editing, no back tracking, just write...

Today's topic: Perspective


Yesterday, I wrote with Hearts at Home answering the question 'How has being a mom changed you?'. I thought of various things, but my perspective could have easily made the list. Have you noticed how things look different through your child's eyes than they do through your own? I remember when I taught preschool several years ago, we were always encouraged to get down to the child's eye level... to speak with them face-to-face and to also view the room from their lower point-of-view. This changes things.

And it's not just in the literal ways, but things also look different through their figurative eyes. Blankets can quickly become capes. Daddy suddenly is a villainous monster. Piles of wet sand, a nasty mess in my sight, are delicious mud pies. God has taught me to ask more questions. To hear their perspective before jumping to a conclusion. And I must admit that I don't always do the best at this... I tend to 'jump' first and then ask questions second. But what I've learned with this is that many times things made sense through their eyes. Naughtiness wasn't exactly intended, when the little person in question thought that her process was logical.

I'm also learning that this doesn't just apply to children. There are so many misunderstandings that could be avoided simply by my asking the right questions and getting to the 'level' of the other person... My view isn't always the right one or the only one (gasp, can you believe this?!).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am finishing up a graduation cake for a party tomorrow and then leading worship on Sunday~ so excited about both! See you soon!


  1. Well, I haven't been able to do the 5-minute Friday challenge the last couple weeks. However, I did post something this morning about windows that almost fits the theme of perspective.

  2. The font is pretty but just thought I'd let you know that it's pretty hard to read...