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Friday, April 27, 2012

On Community

Happy Friday! Joining up with the Gypsy Mama... Five minutes on the topic, no editing or rethinking... just write. You know the drill~ click over and link up!

Today's word: Community

I never thought I needed it. In my darkest moments, the ones where I struggled with the voices in my head, the minutes that clicked by as I sobbed in the tub after putting two tiny people in their beds... those alone seconds that ticked past... I thought that those were the times I least needed people. I thought that my imperfections made it so important for me to hide. Because I couldn't mask it anymore, and I was so afraid someone would see.

Then we moved to Illinois. Our path changed direction, and we were thrown into this wonderful mix of people who weren't willing to let me sit on the sidelines. God wasn't willing to let me sit back and blend in any more, but rather He kept using other people to draw me out. And suddenly I had family. I'm not sure the exact moment that it happened, but one day after a few months I looked around and realized that in letting these wildly imperfect people into my life and my heart, I had grown.

And I still have faults, we all do. But in recognizing that God loves me in spite of them, and in being embraced just as I am by this crazy family, I realized that community was just the thing I needed. Jesus knew this. And I needed to know it too. Life isn't meant to be lived alone because we can walk through so much when we do it hand in hand.
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  1. God always knows just what we need. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We all seem to know it, but tend to forget it when we need the most. That's how tricky the devil is. I used to looove being alone, until I realized that was just one more way I was missing out on God's blessing. Have a great weekend!

  3. Life is not meant to be lived alone . . .because in the sharing we realize we aren't the only ones feeling the way we do and it helps us move on to another day. Nice to meet you through FMF. So glad you found community right where you live.